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What Is The Reason For The Accumulation Of Water In The Pneumatic Booster Pump (gas Booster Pump, Gas-liquid Booster Pump)?

Apr 13, 2020

We all know that all manufacturing industries need to use high-pressure compressed air, and they need to use pneumatic booster pumps (including gas booster pumps, air booster pumps, gas-liquid booster pumps, etc.), which uses pneumatic booster The pump will inevitably cause problems. The following editors of the Sencenter will talk about the causes and solutions of the water accumulation inside the pneumatic booster pump (gas booster pump, gas-liquid booster pump).


Figure of Suncenter Pneumatic Booster Pump

1: Because there is always water in the air, the so-called air humidity, it will become supersaturated after compression, and the moisture concentration in the air will be resolved to liquid water after being compressed to a certain degree. The moisture content in compressed air is related to the humidity of the air. If the environment in the plant is too humid, the water content in the air will exceed the usage standard.

2: Pneumatic booster pumps (including gas booster pumps, air booster pumps, gas-liquid booster pumps, etc.) have their own automatic water filter plugged or the automatic water filter plug of the gas tank is blocked.

3: The corresponding dryer element is not installed or does not work normally after installation (the drying equipment fails, and it is not found and processed in time). Finally, the compressed gas of the pneumatic booster pump is not processed in time, resulting in a large amount of Moisture, can not meet the normal use requirements.

4:The post-measures are not sufficient. In the production process with strict requirements on the gas quality of the pneumatic booster pump, there are generally facilities such as precision filters to perform a second action on the gas and further purify it until it meets the production requirements.